Funeral insurance is a great way to pay for your Funeral Expenses

Funeral insurance  is a great advantage when it is time to pay for funeral expenses. This type of Insurance is  designed to provide your family with enough funds  to pay for funeral expenses   like: Funeral service, casket, burial and cemetery plot. It  can also be used to pay  additional final expenses such as outstanding medical bills, legal costs, or any other debts that you owe, such as credit card bills . Funeral Insurance is a Whole Life insurance Policy ranging  from $3,000 to $30,000 of insurance coverage. With funeral costs on the rise, a Funeral  Insurance Policy  can relieve your family's  financial burden when the time comes to prepare for your funeral and burial.  Give your family the peace of mind and the financial stability they deserve when they need it the most. 

  • Available for Ages 0 to 85

  • Up to  $30,000 of Whole Life insurance

  • Builds Cash Value

  • Whole Life and  20 Pay Plans Available

  • No Medical Exam (Approval is based on answers to questions on application)

  • 100% Percent Portable

  • Additional benefit for Accidental Death 

  • Premiums Never Increase and Benefits Never Decrease 

  • Free Funeral Planning Assistance

Funeral insurance Facts

Funeral  Insurance  is a whole life insurance policy which can be used to  to cover funeral expenses with the flexibility to choose how to use the existing policy at the time of a loved ones death. A Funeral Insurance also gives you the advantage of  never changing premiums, and  cash value, which guarantees your coverage will never expire. If this type of insurance plan is in force, the family has less stress from the financial side and can spend more quality time in the grieving process. Also, the funeral home knows that with the “Assignment Form,” signed by the beneficiary named on the policy, some or all of the funds from the funeral insurance plan will be directly forwarded to them from the insurance carrier quickly!