What is funeral Insurance?

Funeral Insurance is a whole life insurance policy which can be used to to cover funeral expenses with the flexibility to choose how to use the existing policy at the time of a loved ones death. A Funeral Insurance also gives you the advantage of never changing premiums, and cash value, which guarantees your coverage will never expire. If this type of insurance plan is in force, the family has less stress from the financial side and can spend more quality time in the grieving process.

Funeral Insurance Benefits And Characteristics

    • Available for Ages 0 to 85
    • Up to $30,000 of Whole Life insurance
    • Builds Cash Value
    • No Medical Exam (Approval is based on answers to questions on application)
    • Additional benefit for Accidental Death
    • Body transport benefit available
    • Life Time and Multi Pay Plans Available (3,5,7,10,and 20)
    • 100% Percent Portable
    • Premiums Never Increase and Benefits Never Decrease
    • Free Funeral Planning Assistance

Funeral insurance is a great advantage when it is time to pay for funeral expenses. This type of Whole Life Insurance is designed to provide your family with enough funds to pay for funeral expenses like: Funeral service, casket, burial and cemetery plot. It can also be used to pay additional final expenses such as outstanding medical bills, legal costs, or any other debts that you owe, such as credit card bills. With funeral costs on the rise, a Funeral Insurance Policy can relieve your family’s financial burden when the time comes to prepare for your funeral and burial. Give your family the peace of mind and the financial stability they deserve when they need it the most. Also, the funeral home knows that with the “Assignment Form,” signed by the beneficiary named on the policy, some or all of the funds from the funeral insurance plan will be directly forwarded to them from the insurance carrier quickly!


What Type Of Funeral Do You Prefer?

There are many options for funeral services in the United States. In fact most people ae misinformed about the diferent types and the average costs. Explore the the 3 main types of funeral services today

Main Types of Funerals


Cremation is an increasingly popular method because it can be more economical and practical. It is especially more common with less religious or less traditional people.


A traditional Funeral is still a very popular funeral service. It not only includes the Funeral, religious act and wake, but also the flowers, the burial property, cemetery service, grave marker and installation.


Many people prefer to have their last rest in their country of origin. This can be expensive, especially if the family wants a wake in the United States as well.


"Donations Are Never Enough!

We see it all the time! People washing cars to pay the funeral expenses of a loved one. Do not let this happen to you! Prepare and protect yourself with Funeral Insurance with your final wishes. If any of your loved ones has passed away, you know it is an overwhelming experience. During an emotional and painful period, you are forced to find a funeral home and a cemetery and make innumerable decisions. People who are grieving tend to spend too much if they do not have a funeral plan to guide them. Protect your loved ones from additional stress during this difficult time with Funeral Insurance with your final wishes.


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